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Philip began his machining career in his father’s Wayzata, Minnesota job shop while still in high school. He and his father bought the shop’s first NC machine in 1966.  He is a pioneer in 3 axis NC machining and quickly taught his employees to program and set up the shop’s four NC machines.

In 1972, he moved to Southern California, where he continued his NC career, learning computer aided programming with Compact II. For 10 years, 1976-1986, Philip sold CNC machine tools, and taught customers to use and program the machines. He then started Braden Engineering, to become the first reseller of Gibbs CAM products and provide consulting services to his customer’s CNC programming and machining operations. In 2002, he moved to Illinois, where he continued to represent GibbsCAM. To date, he has provided on-site and on-line training to thousands of users.

Philip takes pride in supporting American manufacturing and encourages young people into the industry, as he did with his four sons. He excels at on-line training, and loves programming, machining and teaching, infusing his sessions with enthusiasm for manufacturing as he helps customers overcome the challenges of CNC machining.

Working with Phil will give you the advantage of his:

  • 56 years in the machining industry,
  • 41 years serving NC/CNC customers,
  • 51 years of NC/CNC programming,
  • 16 years working in a machine shop,
  • 30 years of GibbsCAM sales, support and training.