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In 1986, I became the first reseller for Gibbs and Associates CAM software.  I won the award for the most dollars of software sold for 16 consecutive years.  This picture was taken in front of my “Lifetime Achievement Award” given to me by Gibbs and Associates in recognition of that accomplishment.

During my years of selling GibbsCAM, I always kept up to date with CNC programming by teaching programmers, taking on special engineering projects, and programming jobs.



Quite a few years ago, I engineered the tooling for and programmed the “satellite strut” pictured on the left. It started as about 300 pounds of aluminum and ended up weighing less than 10 pounds.  For the same company, I programmed the differential housing, transmission housing and engine bay door for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

They were all programmed with Gibbs CAM software.

More recently I programmed the clevis on the left as a single operation on a 4-axis mill. This picture was taken before the part was polished.

Programmed with GibbsCAM.


The first operation of this weapon grip was to cut the center for the magazine.  The next operation I programmed on a Multitask 9 axis machine including B-axis.  The outside of the part was cut in one operation while holding on a mandrel.  4 and 5 axis machining was employed on this part.

VoluMill high-efficiency tool path was employed on this part.

The part was programmed with GibbsCAM.

This weapon slide and also the rail (not pictured) were made on a 9 axis Multi-task lathe with B-axis with the part being completed in a single operation.

I engineered and programmed this part with GibbsCAM.




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