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GibbsCAM Authorized Training

With 31 years of Gibbs CAM software sales and training experience, I offer the most comprehensive training solutions.  My training sessions always include custom videos made during the lessons to enhance the overall learning experience.  I have found it best to demonstrate to the student the task he/she needs to learn while making video.  Then have the students do the task while I guide them.  They will have the video to view again as they practice after the class is finished.

I have had many customers call me, even years later, and ask if I still had the video made during their class because their programmers found it so valuable.  In most cases, I do save the videos.

These training solutions are backed by many more years of real world machining practices that I freely discuss to further enhance the training experience.

GibbsCAM Version 12 Training

With the release of GibbsCAM version, 12 in the Fall of 2017 most users will find it valuable to have an orientation class.  I offer those classes either online or onsite.  They will also include custom videos if the materials discussed.

GibbsCAM training subjects

Training is available for GibbsCAM Basic Mill, Basic Lathe, 2.5D Solids Milling and/or Turning, VoluMill, Advanced Coordinate Systems, Polar and Cylindrical, 3D Milling, Mill/Turn (Live tooling lathes), 5 Axis Milling, Tombstone Management System (TMS) and MultiTask Machines (MTM).

GibbsCAM Project based training

Since I offer CNC contract programming services I also offer my training based on your project needs.  Your project can be programmed with custom videos of covering every step of the way or specific points that your programmers need to learn.

CNC Contract Programming Services

I have done the engineering of and created CNC programs for parts on a wide variety of machine tools for more years than I’d like to admit.  There is no substitute for experience and I have it.  There is no desire in me to quit doing what I have loved to do for all these years.  Please consider having me help engineer your jobs and create the CNC programs.

Download this pdf before viewing the below video

Call me when your programmer is on vacation, when you are looking for a new or additional programmer or when you don’t have the CAM software modules to complete the task at hand.

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